About heART n' hoopla

Hello and welcome.

I am Teresa and this is my studio heART n’ hoopla.


When I first started my journey toward bringing heART n’ hoopla to life I knew I wanted to combine my passion for art and creativity along with my desire to give people an engaging, fun experience. What I discovered along the way is that the true nature of what I was trying to achieve was to bring people together to share a feeling of connectedness and community. A shared experience that offers people a chance to fill their cup (or wine glass) with a couple of hours of joy, laughter along with a sense of accomplishment in taking away something handcrafted.  


I offer a warm, non-intimidating environment where you can follow along or if you feel a bit adventurous you can branch out and inject a little of your own creativity.


2015-08-17 14.37.39_edited
2016-07-02 22.38.56
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2015-11-24 16.07.31
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Check out some of my artwork.